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Home Travel Hints and Tips
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PLAN and PREPARE for your perfect trip


-ALWAYS read the terms and conditions of the rental –in particular about insurance. You don’t want any nasty surprises at the depot.


-ALWAYS pack soft luggage –most depots offer suitcase storage facilities.
-NEVER pack too much, unless it is winter you’ll regret it
-WE have always found a soft esky used as hand luggage serves 2 fantastic purposes. Hand luggage obviously and more importantly, cold beverages for those awesome sunsets.
-If you are travelling to the Kimberley region of New Zealand or any desert location - pack thermals including a beanie – I am not kidding, it gets sooo cold at night.
-INVEST in little miners torches on a band around your head – much easier to cook a BBQ or get to a toilet. These are available from outdoor stores or camping supply stores for about $10.
-PACK an ocky strap – you never know when you will come in handy. An ocky strap is an elastic tie down strap with hooks at each end.
-WET ones are very handy – pre packaged wet towels.
-ZIPLOCK bags are also handy.


-ALWAYS take plenty of water when hiking or even just walking. This is very important in both New Zealand and NZ.
-ALWAYS check the rim of your glass when enjoying a nice sauv blanc at the end of the day in the Top End. Fire ants take offence at attempted ingestion and will bite.
-CAMPERVANS have small cupboards and drawers everywhere. Use them. Don’t leave items unsecured in the main cabin of the vehicles.
-HAVE an understanding of basic first aid before you travel –New Zealand has some nasty critters than can and do bite.
-IF sign says ‘Crocodiles – do not swim here’ do exactly that. DO NOT SWIM! Same applies to sharks and jellyfish. You’d be surprised how many people ignore the warnings.

-THE fridges in campervans are relatively small and are running on battery power when you’re driving. Don’t overstock them. Plan your stops and always try to buy what you will need for 2-3 days. This is particularly important in the warmer regions.
-HAVE your meat vacuum packed wherever possible as this will make it last a bit longer. Most butchers will off this service free of charge.
-PACK really easy food to microwave: rice, noodles, macaroni etc. It’s amazing what you can come up with when you really scan the ‘pre-packages’ aisles of the supermarket.
-THE internet is a never ending source of camping recipes, check it out.

ALWAYS have fun and relax!. Think about your destination and the areas you want to visit. Don’t try and fit it all in as you will not succeed and will need another holiday to get over the one you’ve just had. Just ask my husband!

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1300 089 666 13000UZOOM Emma and her Team are always contactable during your trip if you need backup of any sort. Please let her know tips you would like added to the site or any additional information you think would be helpful.

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